About Beauford Township

Townships are the original form of local government in Minnesota. Today, the term township generally refers to organized but unincorporated communities governed by a local board of supervisors and created to provide services to their residents. A town board of supervisors, elected to staggered three-year terms on an annual basis, make up the governing body for Beauford Township. The board of supervisors is joined by a township clerk/treasurer, which is appointed in our township. Election of township positions are held in November with the general election. The township annual meeting is held the second Tuesday in March.


Township Officials

Dennis G. Johnson, Chair (Seat A)
16157 586th Lane
Mapleton, MN 56065
Term Expires 2026
Gary Sellers, Supervisor (Seat B)
16255 State Highway 22
Mapleton, MN 56065
Term Expires 2026
Ken Bunde, Supervisor (Seat C)
57545 158th Street
Good Thunder, MN 56037
Term Expires 2024
Kim Krengel, Clerk/Treasurer
57236 148th Street
Good Thunder, MN 56037
507-340-9032 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Minnesota map showing location of Beauford TownshipDemographics

Beauford Township is located in Blue Earth County, southern Minnesota, approximately 15-20 miles south of Mankato.  As of the census of 2000:

  • There were 442 people, 159 households, and 123 families residing in the township.
  • The median income for a household in the township was $43,542, and the median income for a family was $47,656.
  • The township has a total area of 35.9 square miles, of which 35.5 square miles is land and 0.3 square miles is water.
  • Major highways:  Minnesota State Highway 22
  • Lakes:  Perch Lake
  • Rivers:  Cobb River
  • Cemeteries:  Beauford and Oak Hill


Early History of Beauford Township

In 1858 the County Commissioners named the town "Winneshiek" after a prominent chief of the Winnebagoes. At a meeting held in the winter of 1865-6, preparatory to the organization of the town, it was decided ... to change the name to "Beauford" after a town in the east, from which some of the settlers had come. Accordingly at a meeting of the County Commissioners held March 13, 1866, ... the town was created under the name of "Beauford" and the first town meeting appointed to be held at the house of John Frey in April.

In February, 1867, a new mail route was established running from Wilton in Waseca County to Garden City, which crossed the Cobb near the residence of Franklin Childs, where in the spring of this year, a new postoffice was established with Mrs. Frances Childs as postmistress. In June, 1868, a second postoffice was established called "Perch Lake," with Albert J. Gates postmaster. The office was supplied by a mail route running from Minnesota Lake to Mankato. It remained at the home of Gates, on northwest quarter of section thirteen until 1871, when Henry Natley was made postmaster, and the office moved to his home in section twenty-four. This office was discontinued in August, 1875.

School District No. 86 was created by the County Commissioners October 1, 1866, on petition of Franklin Childs and others; District No. 94 February 26, 1867, on petition of John Frey and others, and on the same date District No. 95 on petition of John Beidenkopf. The first school was taught by Miss Ackerman of Medo in the winter of 1866-7 in District 86. It was kept in the Moreland saw mill building near Franklin Childs home. The next school was taught in a log school house in District No. 95 by Elizabeth Keys in the summer of 1867 and the next in the winter of 1867-8 in a frame building belonging to District No. 94.

For more historical information about Beauford Township, you can visit this website:  genealogytrails.com